JULY 31, 2021

SU2C Peggy Prescott Early Career Scientific Award in Colorectal Cancer Research

In collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer, FFF established the Peggy Prescott Early Career Scientist Award in Colorectal Cancer Research and in March 2019 we awarded a first grant of $50,000 to Dr. Karin Pelka, whose research in the area of immunotherapy is expected to produce cutting-edge and innovative science for decades to come.  Alongside the other members of SU2C’s Colorectal Dream Team, Dr. Pelka is focusing on the pathways that shape myeloid cells in human CRC and aim to uncover how myeloid cells orchestrate anti-tumor immunity in MSI tumors.   In the coming year, the team is also working to provide free colonoscopy screenings in minority and medically underserved communities.

In honor of Mother’s Day 2021, Dak and the FFF Foundation hosted a virtual fundraising campaign.  Dak personally matched all donations made during this event, resulting in enough funding to award a grant to another early career scientist who will join the SU2C Colorectal Dream Team and continue making progress in the fight against this devastating disease. 

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