AUGUST 23, 2023

Mesquite Rodeo

An electrifying Saturday night at the Mesquite Rodeo, where the power of unity and determination shone brighter than ever! The Faith Fight Finish Foundation brought together the incredible students from North Crowley High School and our dedicated law enforcement heroes for an unforgettable event of camaraderie and inspiration.

From thrilling rodeo moments to heartwarming conversations, we witnessed the true spirit of togetherness as students and cops bridged gaps and showcased that when we stand side by side, anything is possible.

Some special highlights of the evening included when our honorable police officers surprised the students with incredible gifts – Jordan backpacks filled with school supplies for the year, ensuring a bright start to their educational journey. They also shared the empowering books 'Happy Eyes' by Ryan Tillman and 'The Change Agent' by Damon West, planting seeds of positivity and change in the hearts of these young minds. Tad and his family joined in on the fun and to top it off the kids also received encouraging words from Dak’s dad about the importance of bridging the gap.

Amidst the excitement, we savored the delicious flavors of BBQ that brought us all together and indulged in a delightful FFF cake by Jenny Ozmun that symbolized the sweetness of unity. More to come as we work towards bridging the gap between police and the communities they serve and protect.

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